Vehicle Extrication and Fire Containment

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We provide the industry’s leading extrication and containment tools, including the featured products below.


Using a Removable Power Unit

The Ogura RP Series features a power unit that can be removed at any time. These portable tools have no fumes or trailing hoses, making them ideal for tight, confined spaces. They are lightweight compared to other tools on the market and feature a self-contained battery. The RP series comes with a specially designed carrying case with wheels.

The RP Series includes:

  • RP-C160 C-cutter unit
  • RP-S505 Spreader unit
  • RP-R370 Ram unit
  • RP-M18V Power unit
  • Optional flat bases
  • Optional 450 mm (17.7”) extension rod


The Ogura BC-300 BX tool features a twist-grip style control that allows fine movement for safely releasing load when the tool is being used in both lifting and pulling modes. The blades have replaceable inserts featuring harder cutting edges for longevity. The cutting-edge inserts can be replaced without needing to change the entire blade arm.

Product features:

  • 300 mm (11.8”) spreading distance
  • Replaceable cutting edge inserts
  • No trailing hoses or cables
  • Hydraulic operation
  • Battery-powered
  • Real portability
  • No setup time
  • No gasoline

VLITEX Fire Blankets

Kiwa Tested and Certified Car Fire Blankets

The VLITEX Service Set Premium M is designed specifically for towing services, workshops, fire departments, parking garages, and many other applications. It is an ideal way to ensure safe transport and storage of damaged electric vehicles.

Product features:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • Intuitive
  • Multi-usability
  • Immediately ready for use

Ogura HRS-Series (941DF, 932, 932s, 923, 934, 938 Pedal/Road Cutter Head)

Designed for Tight Spaces

The Ogura HRS-Series provides flexibility by allowing users to select the most suitable tool for their tasks on-site. Its interchangeable cutters, spreaders, door openers, and mini ram can be swiftly and safely exchanged using the unique coupling system.

HRS-Series products include: 

  • HRS-941 Pump Unit (must be required for HRS-946)
  • HRS-932 Shear Head
  • HRS-932S “Stubby” Shear Head
  • HRS-923 Pedal Cutter
  • HRS-934 Spreader
  • HRS-938 Mini Ram