About MidWest Rescue Products™

Specializing in Technical Rescue and Extrication Tools

MidWest Rescue Products™ supports fire, rescue, and law enforcement professionals across the United States with the highest quality vehicle extrication, confined space rescue, and forcible entry products. Formed in 2003 as a regional dealer for Ogura Rescue Tools, we grew to become the North American master dealer for these products—the most lightweight, compact, and powerful tools for complex rescue operations. Initially, we focused only on products that directly supported the Ogura battery-operated platform such as Robopak. In 2018, we began adding other products. Res-Q-Jack® was first, soon to be followed by Performance Advantage Company. We have since added the FirstLook 360⁰ Technical Rescue Camera and all Makita tools. Midwest Rescue Products has two fully stocked equipment demo trailers ready to serve any demo needed, and additional products are on the way. Stay tuned!

When you want the top rescue and extrication tools on the market today, reach out to our team. We know technical rescue, and we can make sure you get the right tools, service, and hands-on training.

Our Team Members




Mike Beharry


Mike Beharry has a long career in engineering management. He earned his BME from Cleveland State University in 1967 and obtained registration as a Professional Engineer in 1978. He joined Hougen Manufacturing in 1982 as Chief Engineer. He became aware of Ogura & Co. in 1986 and introduced their line of electro-hydraulic hole punching tools to the marketing department. Mike was instrumental in Hougen becoming the North American partner for what would become the Hougen-Ogura line of hole-punching tools. He subsequently was promoted to Manager of International Operations where he continued his relationship with Ogura. After separating from Hougen, he continued to work with Ogura in a consulting capacity. In 2003, he began selling their products in Ohio and surrounding states. Expansion of territory followed ultimately with Midwest Rescue Products becoming the North American Master Distributor. With the incorporation of the company in 2017 and the addition of DJ Green in 2018, the company began an aggressive expansion which included adding additional demo trailers along with trucks to the fleet and also added many other products so we can serve our customers the best we can.

DJ Green

Contracted Sales Representative

DJ Green brings a youthful enthusiasm coupled with a strong knowledge of the fire and rescue industry. He is a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic in Northeast Ohio, bringing hands-on experience that has been a huge asset to Midwest Rescue Products. DJ started as and still is a Volunteer, and he is also a career Firefighter. With the constant innovations in the fire service industry, DJ is always attending classes to help learn and look for the best products available to offer from all around the world.

Please reach out to us to get in contact with the closest sales representative to you! We are proud and honored to serve your needs anywhere in the United States.

DJ will be happy to assist any customer in U.S and point them in the right direction!

DJ Green

Brian Rice

Contracted Sales Representative

Brian joined us in 2024 after a career with the University  of Michigan. Brian brings a wealth of information from being a Volunteer Fireman and loves being part of a team atmosphere. Being a long time resident of Michigan he see’s the needs out there and wants to be there to help all the first responders aquire the right tools, equipment and PPE.

Brian will be serving Michigan, Northern Indiana and Northern illinois.

Please feel free to reach out to Brian with any questions!