Confined Space Rescue and Search & Rescue

Superior Tools for the Toughest Rescues

Cutters and Spreaders Designed for Confined Spaces

MidWest Rescue Products™ offers the Ogura HRS series, a set of smaller tools that run off the 941 pump used in the MW-150 KIT. Both the HRS-936 Door Opener and the HRS-946 8-inch Door Opener are designed to rapidly breach doors without requiring a tiresome hand pump. These products are used by police, rescue, paramedics, security staff, and other first responders to gain quick access to premises as needed. The openers can open all types of doors, ranging from fire doors and security doors to metal doors and doors with multiple locks. The HRS-923 Pedal/Rod Cutter Head is designed to reach into the tightest spaces and is also used for extrication.

Ogura also offers outstanding tip saw surface cutters for rescue work, including the HSC-25 BLN and HSC-38 BL, which are both lightweight but can cut high tensile rebar quickly.

FL360 by FirstLook

The First Wireless 360° Technical Rescue Camera

MidWest Rescue Products™ is proud to be the Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia dealer for the FL360 by FirstLook, a wireless spherical 360° rescue camera. This camera combines two 180° fish eyes to equal a 360° view, making it ideal for use in building collapses and other confined spaces. First responders benefit from the camera’s 2-way audio support, 5-hour run time, and intuitive interface, among many other features.

Additional Product features:

  • 360° HD video
  • Wireless and wired
  • Multi-level lighting
  • GPS/Date stamped
  • Offline mapping
  • Auto rotate
  • HD videos and photos
  • Share files easily
  • Safety cell technology
  • Live monitoring
  • 360° live view

Ogura HSC-38 BL

Product specifications:

Ogura HSC-38 BL
Motor 18V DC
Battery Li-ion 18V 5.0Ah (BL 1850B)
Dimensions (excl. handle)

515 mm x 170 mm x 148 mm

20.3” x 6.7” x 5.8”

Weight (incl. battery) 6.0 kg / 13.2 lbs

Cutting Capacity

620N/mm2 (90,000 psi)

SD490: D10 to D38

Grade 60: ⅜” to 1 ½”

External Diameter of Blade 135 mm / 5.3”
Revolutions per Minute 1,000 rpm
Sound Pressure Level 77.6 dB (A) with no load
Sound Power Level 88.7 dB (A) with no load
Standard Accessories Battery, Charger, Dust Bag, Tipped Saw, Hex Wrench (M5), Carrying Case


Ogura HRS-923 Pedal/Road Cutter Head

Product specifications:

Cutting Force Capacity 70.6 kN (7.2 t) / 15,873 pounds
Rebar (64,000psi)* D16 (⅝”)
Flat bar (58,000psi)* 38 x t6 mm / 1.5” x t0.23”
Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.0” x 4.1” x 3.3”
Weight 5.4kg / 11.9 lbs

 *Tensile Strength

Ogura HRS-923 Pedal

Ogura HSC-25BLN

Product specifications:


18V DC


Li-ion 18V 5.0Ah (BL 1850B)

Dimensions (excl. handle)


471 mm x 137 mm x 139 mm

18.5” x 5.4” x 5.5”

Weight (incl. battery) 

4.0 kg / 8.8 lbs

Max. Cutting Capacity

620N/mm2 (Grade 60): D25 / 1” rebar

External Diameter of Blade

110 mm / 4.3”

Revolutions per Minute

2,200 rpm

Sound Pressure Level

78.4 dB (A) with no load

Sound Power Level

89.6 dB (A) with no load

Standard Accessories

Battery, Charger, Dust Bag, Hex Wrench (M5), Carrying Case, Tipped Saw


Ogura HSC-25BL

Ogura HRS-Series (941DF, 932, 932s, 934, 938 Pedal/Road Cutter Head)

Designed for Tight Spaces

The Ogura HRS-Series provides flexibility by allowing users to select the most suitable tool for their tasks on-site. Its interchangeable cutters, spreaders, door openers, and mini ram can be swiftly and safely exchanged using the unique coupling system.

HRS-Series products include: 

  • HRS-941 Pump Unit (must be required for HRS-946)
  • HRS-932 Shear Head
  • HRS-932S “Stubby” Shear Head
  • HRS-934 Spreader
  • HRS-938 Mini Ram